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The Bureau of Prisons (BOP) will resume in-person social visits for inmates at all 122 facilities nationwide no later than Saturday, October 3, 2020.

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Florida Prison Consultants a division of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. was created with over 200 years of combined professional staff experience in paralegal, criminal justice, advocacy and corrections experience, to include specifically the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the Florida Department of Corrections and various other correctional and advocacy related agencies
Our mission is to assist both defendants and inmates who are either indicted, sentenced, convicted or incarcerated for a federal crime, an Florida state crime, or other Florida local correctional agencies within the State of Florida. Regrettably, based on the most current prison statistics recorded, the odds are not in favor of the defense and many will serve a term of incarceration in the Federal Bureau of Prisons for a Federal prison sentence or the Florida State or City Department of Corrections for state or local sentences.
Florida Prison Consultants has offices in Florida. We also can set appointments to meet at any criminal defense law office in Florida, should you choose to retain us to do so. Most clients retain us just after a complimentary telephone consultation and an initial assessment strategy.

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The left chart shows a slow reduction in private prison facility use for state prisonusage, over nearly a 10 year increase prior. The Federal Bureau of Prisons is eliminating the use of private prison facilities. State Department of Corrections or State Prison Systems are slowly reducing their use of private prison facilities and that proves to add to the complications of steering a path to minimizing a state prison sentence at the lowest security level and the fastest path towards release.

The chart on the right, shows the U.S. Prison Population as a whole is slowly decreasing. much by way of specialized ever-changing State Prison System Policies or State Prison Programs that are in place. In our expert opinion, planning as far in advance, prior to your state prison sentencing is the most effective way of minimizing your state prison term, as well as top-notch strategies for effective state prison placement (reception center designation) at the lowest security level and the fastest path towards release.



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